Apr 6, 2024

 What is the purpose of this space.  Now.  If I was to re-commit....  What do I write? To who? For what purpose?  What is the goal?  Is there a goal? Do I want a goal? Does there need to be a goal?  I don't know where I stand on anything.   Good?  (ha ha)

Today was a new tough, though, a mild, manageable, safe tough.  Coming to closer to the middle. Towards peace.   Growing up(?) 

Apr 3, 2024

Honing In

 ...to where I think I already was, as a child....before I unlearned...

Aug 3, 2023

Her house.

 Does she want me to hate myself?  I refuse.  I stay away. But somehow I feel that is not the answer. How can i stay in connection and present but unscathed.  I reject this negativity. I reject the fear based worldview. I reject the paranoia. The self consciousness. The shame.  I reject it all.  I chose love. Self acceptance.  Comfort Ease Love. 

Mar 25, 2023


Knowing God is a state of consciousness we have to obtain. That's why we keep coming back to this Earth plane.  This is a school  Earth school.  To learn how to go by God instead of our whims.  God is more lovable than all.  Not material.  We are the cause of our own problems.  All problems are due to a separation from God.  We can think of God at all times.  We can live in the material world, but the purpose of life is to have that personal relationship with God.  Shall seek her, and you can find her.  But you must apply 100%.  Scientific approach to God is important.  The scientific technique is important.  The laws of life must be lived even by saints.  Scientific meditation.   Why?  Because it awakens the centers of the spine - the chakras.  It opens the channels of the brain.  It awakens the love for God.  But you can't be redeemed by techniques alone..  The last 10% requires devotion - love for God.    God is above love and only love reaches her.  Link ringing the doorbell at God's door so she knows you're coming for her.  Devotion gets her attention.  We have to learn her laws.  The techniques help us.  Without devotion you can't touch God.  You keep God at a distance.  Love is helps us come to God.   And yet devotion alone does not take us to God.  Divine mother comes to you and responds after the scientific approach like kriya yoga initiation.    Think of divine mother all day long.  Chant of divine mother all day long.  When we forget about God we have to start again. Dif

ficulties are hard to face.  When we have the oneness of God we see her in everything.  The goal of life is return back to God.  She wants to see how soon we awaken.  When we remember our own divinity.  It just has to be a habit.  It's possible.  We have to change the habit of being on worldly thoughts  When our minds are on material thoughts it's not going to be smooth and easy.  The magnetic connection of compass needle.  Attached to the body and sense then we are forgetful of God and this does not please her.  Eat with the thought of God.  God is in that food too.  

All the qualities of God are within us.  All the powers of God, are within us. The presence of God can be felt by being aware of the spiritual eye.  The pulsation, the energy, between the eyebrows because of teh concentration.  In time, we will begin to feel that presence.  

Read the lessons also tunes us to spirit.  The ideas came from spirit.  When Guruji wrote and spoke, it came from spirit.  He is speaking to us through the lessons.  The lessons are our guru.  Everything we need to know about seeking God are in the lessons.  They are immortal.  Eternal.  Not ordinary.  They are the laws of life that all the Saints of the world taught.  The same truths.  

Intimate communion with divine father.   From the heart, not the mind: 
Permeate with love, with devotion.    Joy starts to come in, love, peace.  

Om tat sat
I love thee Lord
Reveal thyself. 

Feb 19, 2023

Fuck You Kevin.

You fucked up.  I know this statement will come as a shock to you, and that's the worst part.  And had it just been one thing - i might call and try to resolve.  However, it wasn't.   Multiple fucked up things.  I wish to break it off.  

How dare you spring that shit on me?  I didn't agree to that. You didn't ask me until it was already confirmed. I cried before we arrived, and still you put your needs before mine. Why?  Why was it so important? Why the urgency/?  You need her approval?  Why?  What does she have to do with you and I?  



you fucking asshole.  do you recall me telling you i wasn't feeling ready to date?  that i had ptsd?  recovering from trauma?  you said we could be friends?  remember how i said i wanted to go to the doctor?  remember how you said you just wanted to spend time together?  just give me a hug?  develop intimacy?  

you booked a hotel and laughed, what did you ezpect?  (we were in a hotel)

well, why DID you book it?  did i ask you?  what was the urgency?  because you were disspaointed your trip was canceled?  so?  so that meant obviously we would have sex?  

fuck you kevin.  seriously.  you can't believe i'm saying this? your shocked?  see what i mean? fuck you. 

why didn't i say something, right?  you asked me, right? 

well, why do YOU think.  

why don't you answer that yourself. 

you love games, right?  

see if you can figure the rest of this out on your own. 

not investing any more energy. 

Dec 11, 2022

Back to Blues?

49. Spent almost exactly a year at the ashram.  Magnificent, tragic, expansive, filled with depth and beauty sweetness and pettiness, disappointment, upliftment, confusion and contradiction.   Met Isa.  Gained Radhaji and Yehnemsahji.  Ramana Maharashi.  GurujiBramanada.   Introduced and elaborated upon ways of being during this Earth School time that resonated.  Felt like home. 

And now, I am "home" on the other coast, living in the home of my Mom. In this moment, feeling quite depleted.  Limited. Constricted. Angry. Hopeless.  

Nov 29, 2021

Happy Birthday me

Age 48, I write from this folded table and metal chair in this basement tiled room overlooking the Ashram forest.  Below the patch of grass outside my window there is a tall regal apple tree and down the hill a beautiful lake reflecting the orange and brown foliage lining the perimeter.  A few individual snowflakes today.  I can't wait for the full snow treatment here - I'm sure it will be as equally magical. 

It's been almost one month now since I came.  I was previously in upstate NY car camping, forest camping, exploring, adventuring, enjoying, suffering, struggling, loving, being.  Evolving? 

Since covid started I have been in sadhana.  Primarily alone for the first year.  Off and on with Aman, which has been challenging, beautiful and volatile.   Meditating, dancing, yoga, videoing leaves and trees in the woods to classical indian music.   



Takeaways of session with Michael Beckwith 0

 "Intention deficit disorder" - quips will come into play and expand and flow within you over time  -Mary age 70

Lisa Rock
Hold the breath as long as possible to stabilize the feeling you want to hold on to.  The peaks and valleys in yourself. Permission with yourself to be in the moment. let go of guilt shame.   Tools to stabilize life.  Life visioning quest with Michael Beckweths.   Are you called to it?  Academy. Workbooks. Life changing.  Practice skills of program that you know works and reintegrate.  Magic. Examples: Always shows up when practicing Doesn't go away until I stop.  Theres a vibrational frequency here that I manage. I've been embraced by community in Las Vegas. Local radio embraced me recently 91.5.  Happens on job. Happens in personal life. Had to take authority and release relationships that held me down and help me back.  Getting permission to go forward is hard to give yourself. This gives you permission to get out of where you've been and into where you want to be.   Heal FIRST.  and THENNNNNN you can pursue your vision. Heal. Then chase the vision.  (LOVE THIS) 

Marta Tomic
thank you for this call. my ego was in victim space. i connected the wrong dots. i thought I was higher than I was. I'm confused. i don't know. thank you for your support. ((thank you for sharingand courage to be vulnerable. ))

as a facilitator - the body is important to me. happy not purely mind but also body. physical. meditation.  this community caught my attention. ppl welcoming from different countries. ppl sharing vulnerable moments of their life.   ((we learn by being open))  we accomonday each other during this vulnerable process. i appreciate this and celebrate this with you today.   ((go through quests together - like visioning)) 

Pio Granada - Phillipines
gaps. called to be a . takeaway - getting out of victim consciousness - feeling empowered to fix it. financial. etc.  something I have to get up and fix. progressing. ((thank you for sharing its and amabing thing to share and be vulnerable and congratutionls on) 

Alecia Lucci - upstate NY
overlapping themes.  "after grow"  after many relationships.  read something that made me feel like I was being rejected. cried. tried to stop myself from feeling. but instead. changed mind.   

filled out form to see if we were a good match/good fit for elnightment coaching . i got upset. i judged myself for feeling that pain. lets just feel it and see what happens. i let myself cry. i let all my feelings speak to me. i felt rejected because I felt unworthy not good enough didn't deserve the free session. i was able to list them. see them. feel them. where did they come from. why are they in my mind and soul .  growing up I feel I was in many situation where I tried to express myself authentically and ppl didn't respond or get negative pushback and take personally instead of seeing it as not personal.  its not that ti wasn't worthy of help.  i let the feeling flow and experienced what I needed to feel. it took me about an hour to feel better. i felt lighter freeer. i don't feel I need to carry any of that today.  this woman knew that it wouldn't serve me to have that session - it would serve someone else to have that free session
((bianca: the moment I started to share things was the moment things started to change)) 

Eleni Dimaki - Greece 
The questions, not the answers.  To find my purpose, my vision. When I started I took quest late in evening, sleeping. Gave me strength, belief, hope. There are answers! There are answers to my questions!  Started listening before bed and when I wake. After doing visions I would get 20 more after doing things. Because the important part of this quest is DOING things. Every lesson was something I feel was giving me more strength. More answers. So even today's session - now I have grown, taken the quest. Its the 4th week I'm doing now. I do every day. Every day there is magic. Every lesson gives you SOMETHING Gives you inspiration. Gives you a way of transforming.  For me, I have called in many patterns that were not helping my health for transformation. Every exercise that I have to do I try to do as much as I can because the time for some people it takes time to do all this thinking if you have ... its practice. its not the quest. its not the 10 or 15 minutes spending listening. It is to do, actually.  Take the time. What I would suggest for myself is how I could stick to what I was learning every day. Every day by doing the quest you let something new. You get inspired for many things, at least for me. So for today when I saw the kickoff call I thought, oh, kick off, you're almost ending, why would you listen. I wanted to listen in natural way. Every word he says he has such deep meaning he gives the explanation to the CORE. Each word. Every sentence. He will give something more. So the inspiration from today, when I fall back in my growth, he gave me the simplicity to realize that this is the path of my ego because by doing the request I actually do the quest but I haven't made this connection that this could be the path of my ego so this is one of my insights today. Its natural . This is something that is natural. It happens to all of the people /structures /felling victim level. Feeling somehow they have not mastered the second stage and also I would suggest EVERYONE to see as many as many times as they can the movie, the Secret. Beause this movie gives you a whole vision for our lives we can future = there is hope.  

Bianca D. martial arts and mediation s was turning point to sharing 

Apr 14, 2021

How to Break Up


(via Michael Beckwith on Mindvalley with Vishen Lakiani just now) 

Step 1) Accept what is

Step 2)  Harvest the good.

Step 3)  Keep the person in your heart

The form will restructure around that expanded awareness. 

fuck yeah

 It feels like work. writing here. is it?  when did that association develop?  does it serve me?  is it necessary? is it even true.  I actually doubt it.  i don't know that i believe myself. maybe its not work. maybe its.  . .something else. is it fear?  what is laziness?  i don't know that i believe in the concept.  its a word that has always poked. 

there's so much i *want to say. so.  whats the hold up?  why aren't i saying it. 

overcomplicating. over analyzed. being in my head. projected ahead instinctively into fear and worry. all probably pretty unconscious I'm guessing. but who knows. that's the point. it can't be if its unconscious. so. next steps?

hm .

ideally would be an amazing astute connected soulful coach/mentor/spirt/guide/teacher/friend.  i would like to be that some day.  that's what i feel I'm working on.  gathering my ducks and powering up for the ride.  getting close. things feeling. 

right .


yes yes yes yes yes. 


Mar 12, 2021


 I am in control. 

I dictate my own terms. For my life. My time. My energy. 

I decide who I spend time with.  What relationships are worthy to me.  No longer the other way around (as it has been).  I PICK who I am with. Me.  And if I don't pick, it doesn't happen.  I will not let my precious life energy dribble away in mindless, damaging, disrespectful, unkind entanglements. 

I am worthy. I am strong. I am powerful. I am whole.  

I do not need anyone to validate my existence. 

I am worthy.  A child of god. A god. Source. As we all are.  (Do not be deceived to think you are something small). 

Notes To Self.

 No one is coming to save you. 

No one. 

They can't even save themselves. 

They are users.  Abusers.  Self-hating.  Voids.  Without the capacity to love 

You have deluded yourself.  You've seen it. Now believe it.  

You are alone. 

You can do it.  You are powerful  Unafraid.  

"She never says no  She would never say no to me. "  ..Nice.   Sweet.   Accommodating.  Selfless.  

And if I wasn't?   What then?   How would it impact the nature of our relationship?  Would there BE a relationship? 

The White Tiger

"He's overly deferential"

"thoroughly obedient"

"taking on more tasks"

"continuously belittling himself to secure the family's approval"

cleans rugs, sleeps on floor, rubs oil in the stork's calves. argues that he deserves a fraction of the already-small salary 

"Much of this inferiority is inbred"

"Thousands of years of caste system"

"millions fighting for same low paying jobs"

"out-of-read wealth horded"


Deferential, obedient, self belittling,  excessive work, menial aspirations, learned inferiority


             Holy shit.  




Mar 6, 2021

Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.

Giving gifts.  Helping people. Being a friend.  Teaching.  Being a counselor. Therapist.  Wellness practitioner.  Doctor.  Social activist. Social justice 'warrior". And so on... 

Good intentions does not guarantee good results. 

In what ways is "helping" oppressive?  Limiting?  Dogmatic?  Control? 


Am I attached to the results? 

Is my happiness or peace of mind dependent on this process? 

What is my desired outcome?  (Do I have one?  When?  What is it? Am I check-ing in on these thoughts and feelings?  Is there awareness?  Is there a dialogue here that I can tune into and be present of?  And then, what's next?)

How do I self-regulate and manage this dynamic?  

#HelpingProfessions #Expectations #Growth

Feb 9, 2021


What do i need to hear right now?  Let me be my own life coach.  What is the message that would fill me up?  Propel me.  Fuel me. Nourish me.  Support. Love.  Encourage.  Befriend.  Hold. How can I feel held.  (I don't feel held?)  I want to feel held.  What is the opposite of feeling held?  (How do I feel right now?) 


Sense of direction. Purpose. Hope.  Belief in myself.  

What is the root of the issue?  What are the current thoughts and beliefs that I am choosing to belive right now?  Where did they come from?  What are my current limiting beliefs. 

Lets get honest with myself right now. 

What are my limiting beliefs?  (What even ARE my beliefs?)   Or maybe more apt - what are my fears? 

Feb 8, 2021


 Don't get depressed. 

Don't get depressed. 

Don't get depressed, 

Don't get depressed. 

Don't get depressed. 

Don't get depressed. 

Don't get depressed. 

Don't get depressed. 

Don't get depressed. 


Feb 6, 2021


The slender long finger plunges itself past the delicate dried flowers straight to the bottom of my cup, invading the sanctity of my freshly steeping tea.   I hadn't even finished pouring the boiled water!  What the fuck?!  My one pathetic solitary shred of peace.  My only respite in the whole of my entire jumpled fucked up turbulent life.   

That's my tea!

Get out!   

And with such impunity too.  Such self-righteousness.  A challenge to me to say something.   With that finger came possession.  Why not.  If there's a problem, it's mine.   It's what she wants. Nothing to think about.   In goes that long dark elegant finger.   Anything goes.  Collateral damage be dammed. Everything and everyone in her path.  Not because she's a bad person or hateful or awful, but because she's too has been wounded. Far. Too. Much.  And now lacks the ability to distinguish friend from foe. It's reflexive. Survival instincts.  I don't hate her for it. I understand.  I relate. I feel her pain. But nonetheless.   MY TEA! 



And I say something. This is the new me.  I just fucking say it.  I don't care if it seems shitty and like I don't have a right. I don't care that it can be held against me.  I don't care if it will be misunderstood and misrepresented.   I don't care if it will be twisted and used as justification to hate.   

Get your hand out of my motherfucking tea. 

I follow my instincts. I don't second guess.  I don't silence myself.  

I speak.   Ready for whatever's next - come what may.   It will be difficult, but essential, my hope is, dialogue. 


The speedboat roars down the corridor in stops and starts.  I spray passerbyers on the sidewalks in giant plumes of water.  Soaking other students on the sidewalk. Friends.  Walking colleagues.  I'm mortified.  I can't help it.  I can't stop.   I'm trying to maintain control of the boat but in reality, I really can not.   


I mentally search and search and search but it seems that they are lost.  The angst and pain and mental confusion have obfuscated their location.  What are the numbers of that lock?!   Oh my god!   I have to find them!  I am lost!   That rectangular metal box holds the keys to my home, that boat, my friends.  I have to find them!  I am completely helpless, alone and unsafe.   What are the numbers to that lock?!  Everything in my entire life is in that box! 

Jan 28, 2021

Dear Donna

Reflections on Fear & Self-Worth. Perfectionism/Control

Yesterday I struggled to answer your question, "What is the fear re: calling your Aunt," and the only thing that came to mind was, "the unknown". Today almost immediately after the fishbowl began I thought, "Oh! Maybe I could have/should have done this!" (The unknown) And both yesterday's experience essentially being your coachee, and today's fishbowl showed me that although every question might not hit as equally powerfully, it in no way minimized the overall value of the session. There was no judgment there. No tragedy. Only appreciation and growth.

Also, getting to experience firsthand the fearless, direct way in which you followed your gut while posing probing questions was an extremely interesting and helpful experience. I discovered, as "client", that not only was this a welcomed approach, it was a liberation - permission to cut the bs & speak powerfully in truth. "My intuition is NEVER wrong." Is a statement that rang out and continues to resonate long after you so boldly asserted it that still makes me laugh. So great! I want this confidence!

Jan 25, 2021


I think its time. Bloated and poofy. Distended belly alarmed me last night. The heaviness weighing down.   Mentally. Moving slower. Mood - not so great.  Old dusty gray depression cobwebs creeping dangerously close.  Looming threateningly overhead.   

The good news though,  is that i now have this amazing tool readily available at my disposal.  This is what I can't forget.  And not only that - the simplest solution possible.  So simple - it doesn't even require action. As a matter of fact - that's the crux.  No action!  No food!  No nothing!  Who could have imagined what a huge life changing fact.  

Day 1? 


I'm not 100% sure. 

I think so?  

Let me see. 

Seems like a good idea. 



Not 100% sure?

Thinking about it.   Just today?  10 days?  Every other day?   Not at all?   I feel like I need to decide and make a plan. But... 

Can I really do it again? 

I'm hungry. I'm sad.  I'm still feeling off.  Grieving the loss of my friend.  Grieving the loss of support from mm.  Grieving the loss of momentum of my new cp.   Can I come back?  I know that I can.   



Of course. but. 


what are the steps.  what's first. what are the priorities. how do i not feel like a piece of shit.  (do i need to not feel like a piece of shit in order to start?)  .... seems like a chicken or the egg situation.  I feel like i have to just keep plotting ahead, and the belief and mood and positivity will grow like watering a garden.  

i think i need some plants. 

love this. being here again.  


Where does courage come from?  Are you born with it? Is in innate?  Developed over time? Is it a personality trait?  Is it learned?  To what degree? 

I'm just asking because I'm thinking maybe it's some quality that's been with me since childhood. And something that separated me from my immediate family. We see and act in the world in different ways. Our perspective and mindset is different. It's manifested in ways that made our paths look different.  Mine mainly - the road less traveled.  Not more "successful" by any stretch. Far less. That said, it *has been more connected.  Honest.  A slow burn.  But a true fire.  No,t a single temp electric heat lamp plugged into a wall. Pros and cons to both, obviously. Nonetheless, it's interesting to think about and wonder - what has been the impact of this single characteristic over the course of mylife?